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the balloon hat is everything

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@edsheeran It upsets me when restaurants think they are too good for ketchup. No one is too good for ketchup. Ketchup is too good for you.


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The cast of ‘The Maze Runner’ visits Fox 29’s ‘Good Day’ on September 2nd, 2014.

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don’t you just wanna lay in bed for about a week and not get up

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honestly my dad is such a freak he never says goodnight like a normal person he just says “i’ll be back” and he goes upstairs and when you ask where he is or go looking for him hes asleep and the next morning when you see him he just says “good morning im back’ like what is wrong with him

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Oi! Angelina!

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fun fact: once in biology my teacher told us that “if you’re ever crying wipe the tears all over your face and they’ll help clear up your skin” then he explained that because tears are designed to clear dust and dirt from your eyes and will do the same for your skin and clear up acne and i remember thinking “excellent, fandom will make me beautiful”


this isn’t how i want to be remembered 

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